Flying with elderly parents or relatives can be a stressful procedure, especially if they have any medical problems you need to pay attention to. However, nowadays airlines are accommodating for those who need wheelchair access and require extra support.

Is there an age limit for flying?

No, but if you're concerned about your relative's health or ability to board the plane, then you should contact your airline first. That way, you can know what levels of assistance can be provided both at the airport and on the flight.

How do you travel with an elderly person?

The best piece of advice is to plan ahead. The reason for this is you'll need to take a number of aspects into consideration, including any medication that's needed and where to sit on the plane (you may need an armrest and to be as close as possible to the toilet).

You'll also need to contact your GP to ask about any medication that needs to be changed or for any advice on travelling with medication. On top of this, it's a good idea to contact the airline about wheelchair use and accessibility through the airport and on board.

If you're worried about looking after the contents of their luggage and belongings, then it might be good idea to take out Seniors Travel Insurance.

Does an elderly person have to remove their shoes at an airport?

The answer is generally no, especially for those over the age of 75 (this is subject to the country's security body). The TSA, for example, will find alternative methods of screening that don't require them removing their shoes at security: "Passengers 75 and older can receive some form of expedited screening through risk-based intelligence-driven security that allows TSA to better focus resources on passengers who more likely pose a risk."

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