If you're travelling alone for the first time in later life, then you may have a few reservations and anxieties. However, if you need to put your own mind at rest, then there are few things to consider first before you start buying aeroplane tickets.

Safety tips when travelling alone

Travelling alone later in life can be fairly daunting, particularly if this is your first time doing so. Here are a few tips to keep you safe when travelling solo:

  • Keep your phone fully charged at all times.
  • Have an emergency contact number, as well as the country's emergency number (e.g. 911 for USA, or 112 in all 28 EU countries,)
  • Visit your GP before you travel to double check any medication you might need to take with you.
  • Anticipate any problems you might encounter – how can you prevent them?
  • Check your government's website on any local issues arising in the country you plan on visiting – also do some research into that country in general and how safe it is.
  • Also, check your government's travel checklist – this is one of the most accurate ways of checking you have everything ready to go.
  • Keeping your belongings protected with Senior Travel Insurance is also a wise move to take, to ensure that any medical issues or any stolen belongings are covered.

Keeping costs down

When you're travelling by yourself, you'll want to take extra precautions, whether that's bringing a few extra electronic gadgets or shelling out for a nicer hotel that's had good reviews. However, to save a little extra money along the way, here are some cost-saving tips:

  • Get hold of a credit or debit card that doesn't charge for overseas transactions
  • Make any currency changes at home before you travel – ideally, one that doesn't put a hefty charge for the mere service of exchanging.
  • Save up for not only the price of tickets and accommodation but also your living costs. Put aside a specific spending money budget.
  • Eat and dine like a local – try and avoid Western chain restaurants.

Making new friends

If you want to make new friends abroad in a safe environment, then taking a package holiday, particularly one that's aimed at people in your age and demographic will expose you to plenty of other like-minded people. Joining coach tours and cruises are also great ways to join in on social events and meet people in sociable surroundings with plenty of social events along the way.

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