If you're navigating the world as a single person in your 60s, now is a great time to use your freedom to explore! If you're not quite in the mood for a family holiday or going with friends, then you may want to investigate which places are perfect for solo travellers who are looking for a little adventure.

It goes without saying that it's always a good idea to keep you and your belongings covered with Senior Travel Insurance.

Tips for single travellers Over 60s

The tips for a solo traveller over 60 are pretty much the same for a solo traveller of any age:

  • Tick items off your bucket list: there's no time like the present to visit countries you've always wanted to visit and see monuments that you've never got the opportunity to witness in their real form.
  • If you're feeling vulnerable by yourself, perhaps due to medical complications, maybe consider going on an escorted tour that takes you via cruise or coach.
  • Making friends: if you're on a cruise or a coach tour, then have a chat with the people you're with and you might make a few friends for life.

Top 5 destinations for the over 60s

If you're having a think about where to travel to on your independent adventure, here are a few ideas:

  • France: If you've always been a foodie, then this is your place to go for some of the best cuisine and wine in the world – and it's only a train ride away.
  • Italy: You can also get to Italy via a number of train connections if the idea of getting on a flight isn't to your liking (although it will take considerably longer). You'll find some of the world's most infamous historical monuments in cities such as Rome.
  • Australia: If the idea of long-haul flight doesn't faze you then Australia is infamous for its fun lifestyle in areas such as Sydney and Perth.
  • Ireland: This is a good place to go if you prefer the Craic to be 90. Mountain walks and culture in its capital city Dublin are all perfect for a close-to-home getaway.
  • Scotland: If you're itching for a holiday that has plenty to do outside, then Scotland has some of the world's most beautiful scenery, and also some of the most challenging mountain walks.

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