Top 5 destinations for a safari holiday


Aside from Kenya, many people go to Tanzania for their first safari. It has a variety of famous parks to its name: Lake Manyara, Tarangire and Ngorongoro Crater. Many parks also have lakes and water which means you should see a wider variety of wildlife.

South Africa

Large portions of South Africa are not only malaria-free but can also be competitively priced when it comes to safaris. Plus, they have some of Africa's most beautiful wildlife areas. Look out for Kwandwe, a private Big Five game reserve and the Marakele National Park which lies in the foothills of Waterberg. As well as enjoying the scenery, it's always a good idea to keep yourself covered for any mishaps on your trip. Getting safari travel insurance means you'll be covered for any medical emergencies and cancellations. This can help your peace of mind on your trip.


It's not just South Africa that can claim to be largely malaria-free. You'll find big game reserves and game lodges that are complete with a pool, log fires and incredible wildlife. There are also child-friendly safari programmes for young ones who are aged between 3 and 12, complete with a games room.


As previously mentioned, this is often the go-to destination for first-time safari attendees. An incredible sight is the Maasai Mara in the migration season, which is between July and October. Kenya is also the go-to place for all the favourite animals including zebras, elephants and giraffes, making it a magical experience for the whole family.

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls expands for over a mile and is one of the world's seven natural wonders. Not only can you see animals on this safari, but there's also the opportunity to enjoy a sunset cruise.

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