If you've seen amazing pictures or videos of sand dunes and safaris in countries like the UAE, then you may well be considering taking a desert safari yourself. However, like any safari, you'll be experiencing a new climate and will need to purchase some sensible clothing for while you're out there. So, where do you begin?

What is a desert safari?

A desert safari, put simply, is driving through a desert in an off-road vehicle. Aside from the odd lizard and scorpion, animals aren't the focus. However, it's likely that you'll enjoy a camel ride through the desert, which is a majestic experience that's not to be missed. Desert safaris involve a lot of what's termed as 'dune-bashing' – which involves busting through the top of sand dunes with your off-road vehicle.

Tips for planning a Dubai desert safari

Firstly, you'll want to decide whether you want to go on a night time safari or a day time safari – the reason for this is the temperatures during the day can reach up to 55 degrees centigrade, which can leave some people feeling nauseous if exposed to that kind of heat for a long time.

It's also advised that you plan your daily budget for when you'll be out on the safari – you'll want to put some money aside for necessary water and snack stops for coping in such extreme temperatures. As for any cameras or phones, with gadget cover your tech will be protected in the case of accidental or malicious damage, theft or loss.

What do you wear on a desert safari?

Before any clothing, you'll need to wear plenty of sunscreen as you'll be under intense sunlight. Bringing a bottle for water with you is also necessary for topping up throughout the day. Otherwise, light, breathable clothing is recommended as well as a hat and some shades.

Is it cold in a desert at night in Dubai?

"Cold" depends on your own preferences, but it rarely reaches single digits at night time. Your body may be more accustomed to the higher temperatures, making the nights seem chillier than usual.

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