Travelling to a hot country whilst you're expecting can be a lovely break before the stresses of childbirth. Whether you just want to relax by the pool or explore some final destinations child-free, hot countries can make for the perfect, exotic holiday.

Can I sunbathe whilst pregnant?

Sunbathing is an interesting one to add to the ever-growing list of things women are told to avoid while pregant You should avoid sunbathing whilst pregnant. Medical professionals largely agree that sunbathing during the first trimester should be avoided completely. Sunbathing in moderation is generally considered to be okay for the baby's development, but any high increase in the mother's temperature has a knock on effect to the baby.

However, there are some precautions that you can take. Using sun cream of a minimum of SPF 15 is important to avoid sunburn, which can make activities such as sleeping incredibly uncomfortable. You should be aware that most sun creams wash off when in water, and so you should frequently reapply if you are visiting the pool.

Pregnant women are also more prone to heatstroke, and so you should pack a hat to protect your head from the sun. If you do succumb to heatstroke, taking out pregnancy travel insurance will help to protect you against the costs of medical care.

What to pack to prepare for the heat

You should always wear appropriate clothing when you travel and hot countries are no exception. You should wear loose, comfortable clothing in which you can move easily. Loose clothing is more likely to be breathable than tight clothing and so you'll remain cooler. You should also wear flip-flops or flat shoes as pregnant women's feet are more likely to swell during hot weather.

Tips to keep cool in the heat

Travelling with enough water is important to avoid dehydration, of which you're at a higher risk of contracting in hot weather. Pregnant women are more susceptible to dehydration and this can cause reasonably prolonged feelings of nausea and even stomach cramps. To enjoy your holiday, you should ensure that you take a bottle of water with you at all times and fill it up whenever you have the chance.

You should also try to walk in the shade wherever possible and take numerous breaks and rest stops to ensure that you don't get heat exhaustion or other related illnesses.

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