Travel Insurance with Pregnancy

One of the first things that you should arrange when you're thinking of travelling whilst pregnant is your travel insurance. Although travel insurance is crucial for everyone, it is particuarly important if you are pregnant to protect you and your baby in the event of any medical emergencies or care you may need when abroad.

Is pregnancy a pre-existing medical condition?

Pregnancy is not officially classed as a pre-existing medical condition as you don't have to declare your pregnancy to most insurance companies. This means that they can't charge you more for your pregnancy and any costs that it may incur.

However, we do strongly advise that you declare any pre-existing medical conditions and any previous or current medical complications that have arisen during your pregnancy. If you do declare any pre-existing medical conditions or previous complications, such as bleeding in pregnancy, ectopic pregancy, twin or multiple births, diabetes or low PAPP-A levels in pregnancy, your travel insurance will be tailored around this potential eventuality.

Travel insurance differs dependant on the company that you're using. As there is no special travel insurance for pregnant women, travel insurance covers the same circumstances that it would usually. This includes medical care, costs and treatments whilst you're abroad, as well as unrelated occurrences such as passport loss, theft or flight delays and cancellations.

Travelling when pregnant

Do I need travel insurance if I am pregnant?

Everyone needs a basic level of travel insurance when they travel to protect themselves against medical emergencies, passport loss or cancellations. You won't need extra travel insurance to fly while you're pregnant but pregnancy does carry some greater risks.

Before travelling, you should consider that most travel insurance companies and airlines will have a date from which you'll be too late in your pregnancy to fly. This is usually around 36 weeks, or 32 weeks if you're having twins, but this depends on the carrier and travel insurance provider that you're using. If you are at all unsure about this we suggest that you check with the airline you're flying with for clarification on their specific restrictions.

Although pregnancy can be a chaotic time, you can relieve any worries you may have about travelling abroad whilst pregnant with the right travel insurance for you. This will ensure that you can enjoy your holiday, whilst being covered in case of medical emergencies or other issues that may arise.

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