Tips to Avoid Missing Your Flight

Arriving Early

Arriving early is the best way to avoid missing your flight, and one of the simplest solutions. It is generally recommended that you arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before departure. This will give you ample time to find your terminal, check-in your baggage and pass security. You'll probably even have time for a wander around duty-free whilst you wait, and the chance to grab some food or drinks for the flight.

This reduces the chance of missing your flight due to circumstances such as additional checks at security, long queues at check-in or even the shuttle buses that sometimes take you to the terminal, depending on what airport you're travelling from.

Read Airline Instructions

Time allowances differ according to each airport and each carrier. You should check the instructions on your airline's website before travelling. A timeline of events should also be printed on your boarding card, and this includes when you should arrive at check-in, as well as what time your gate will open and when your plane will leave the airport.

Listen for Announcements

However, you can't prepare for unforeseen delays when you get to the airport. Airlines will announce occurrences such as delays and gates opening early, and this will also be shown on the Departure boards. To avoid missing your flight whilst in duty-free, you should consistently return to the boards for information and listen for announcements at all time.

Because no one can accurately predict the future, you may want to consider travel insurance that comes with missed flight insurance..

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