What type of passes are available?

There are a number of different passes which you can pick from when deciding to interrail. The two main options are the One Country pass and the Global pass. The One Country pass allows you to visit as many cities as you'd like in your chosen country, whilst the Global pass allows you to visit 31 different countries.

There are different prices available for the passes depending on whether you're a student, senior or an adult traveller. These passes differ in prices depending on how many days you will be travelling and the length of your stay.

You can also choose between Flexi and Continuous passes - Flexi allows you to travel on a selected number of days within a given time frame whereas continuous allows you to travel on every day that your pass is valid.

The pros of the Global pass include being able to travel to a vast majority of European countries, whilst starting and ending in England. You can also use the advantages of European train travel on the Eurostar to travel in this way between Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels, for example. You'll also get a discount for being a student. The cons include only being able to travel a certain number of times and having to use the pass within a set period of time.

The pros of the Single Country pass is that it is much cheaper than the Global pass and allows you to see as much of one country as possible, using as many trains on your day of travel as you'd like. However, having a Single Country pass limits you to one country.

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