Interrailing is an enjoyable way to see Europe and travel for an extended length of time. However, there are precautions you can take to ensure that your visit is as stress-free as possible.

How to hide valuables while travelling

You should keep your valuables on your body at all times so that you can feel if they go missing. This also lessens the chance of anyone seeing where your valuables are kept or being able to reach them without you knowing. Another good way of protecting your luggage is by investing in a bum bag in which you can keep your passport and money, as this will keep your possessions close to you and within your direct sightline. If stored in bags, you should place your most valuable possessions at the bottom of your bag.

If something does go wrong on your travels, it's advisable to take out interrail travel insurance in case of theft or possession loss.

Where to keep your passport in a hostel

Most hostels will have safes in which you can store your valuables for a small fee, and some will have lockers in each room. However, some hotel lockers do not have padlocks on them and so you should ensure that you carry your own when travelling. You could also keep your passport locked within your suitcase with a travel lock as this will make it harder for theft to occur from your hotel room.

How to carry your phone when travelling

You should put your phone deep inside your bag or keep it in a zipped pocket. You should try your best not to get your phone out in public areas or show it off in cafes and restaurants and should disguise where you put it back if you do.

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