How much does interrailing cost?

The first thing you should consider when planning your route if you're on a budget is how many days you're going for and how many days you'll be travelling. This information is important as all these factors affect the cost of your interrail pass. You should always attempt to stay in a hostel too, as these can cost as little as 20 euros a night and can all you to save your money for activities and sight-seeing during the day.

How to budget for interrailing?

A great way to budget for an interrailing trip is to write up a list of likely daily expenses such as food and accommodation and average the probable cost of these, factoring in a little bit of spare money in case anything goes wrong. You can then create a budget planner which will help you to keep track of expenses and update when you're out there, such as a table split into columns such as food, accommodation and activity expenditure. You should also remember that you'll most likely need to pay for flights to reach your first destination.

Budget tips when interrailing

Your route: You should be careful when selecting your route as some countries will be more costly than others and the price of food and accommodation may be higher.


You should use bikes and public transport rather than taxis as taxis are often expensive and overcharge tourists.


Ensuring that you stay in a hostel will often work out much cheaper than hotels, especially if you're with a large group of people and use dormitory rooms.

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