With the many options out there, it can be difficult to pick a good hostel. However, by deciding on your needs you'll be able to find a good hostel which caters to your trip.

Staying in a hostel for the first time


Before you stay in a hostel, you should decide what type of accommodation you'd like to stay in. Many hostels have shared dormitories where you can mix with other travellers and make friends. However, if this isn't for you, then you should check that your room is separate and what facilities it has. Many hostels have shared bathrooms and showers that some people may find difficult to use.


You should check the location before you book. Hostels can be in any area of the city, but some are in the more lively or rundown parts that may need extra caution. You should ensure that your hostel is in a well-lit area that you can get to easily, especially if you're alone or travelling at night.


Unlike hotels, many hostels will not have toiletries or towels to spare. Instead, you should make sure that you pack your own to prevent being without important washing items when you get there.


If you're sharing your dormitory with others, you should ensure that you keep the noise to a minimum at night and attempt to keep your possessions safe. Many people decide to stay in hostels, and not all will be impressed by unsociable behaviour, especially if they have jetlag.

Travel Insurance:

Consider taking out comprehensive interrail travel insurance when interrailing or using a hostel for possession loss or theft as well as additional medical care.

How to find cheap hostels

Using online hostel finders are the best way to find good and cheap hostels as they will allow you to use filters to find the right hostel for you and your requirements, such as ones with en-suites, airport transfers or on-site restaurants.

Choosing the right hostel abroad can be difficult, especially from the internet. However, you shouldn't avoid using hostels. They can make great accommodation for cost-effectiveness, to make friends, and to enjoy yourself.

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