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Easy Ways to Meet Cool People When Interrailing

Interrailing can be lonely if you don't have someone to share it with. Luckily, interrailing is one of the best opportunities to meet new friends, even when you're travelling alone.

Top tips to meet new people when interrailing

Hostel Dormitories:

Staying in a dormitory rather than a single or double room is one of the best ways to meet like-minded travellers from all walks of life. Whether you decide to socialise at the pub or share travelling stories, the people you meet in dorms will most likely be friendly and ready to chat with you.

Hostel Events:

The best hostels often run events specifically for travellers looking to make worldwide friends, from BBQs to bar crawls. This will give you the opportunity to take advantage of an event or free food for the evening whilst also getting to know the other visitors.

Backpacker Apps:

Backpackers apps such as Meetup are perfect for solo travelling as they allow you to connect with your fellow travellers and turn what could be a lonely trip into a communal venture. You can use these apps simply to share tips and advice, chat about your experiences, or find a travel buddy to tour with you.

Group Tours:

Group tours allow you to travel with a pre-selected group of people, and give you the opportunity to be social and share your experiences with others.

Tips for travelling alone


Solo travellers can often look more vulnerable to opportunists. You should be extra cautious when travelling alone. You should avoid travelling in dark and rundown areas, especially at night, and maintain awareness of your belongings at all times. To keep safe, you should also make sure that you carry all your documents, including proof of your interrail travel insurance, at all times in case of any need for medical treatment or passport loss.


It can be easy to feel lonely when travelling solo, so you should use mobile apps and the internet to share your experiences, meet people and communicate with loved ones at home.


You should take the opportunity to learn the language. Not only will this occupy you when you're feeling lonely, but it may also come in handy to chat with the locals and make new friends.

Interrailing is a great time to make new friends, from other backpackers to the locals themselves. With the right approach, you should have a group of travel friends in no time.

Useful interrail information:

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