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iPhone 7 Travel Insurance

Balancing cutting-edge Apple technology with surprising affordability, the iPhone 7 was a popular choice in 2018, despite the release of the next generation iPhone X. If you've invested in an iPhone 7 and are planning to take it on holiday, then protecting yourself against potential theft, loss and accidental damage with gadget travel insurance as an add-on to your existing travel insurance may be for you.

How to book

When you've selected the level of travel insurance cover you want, simply select gadget cover in the add-ons section to get your devices covered. Alternatively, if you take out our Platinum cover, gadget insurance is included as standard.

Holiday Extras gadget cover

Taking out gadget cover as an add-on with Holiday Extras can cover against accidental damage, theft and loss, as well as unauthorised usage of a device that has been stolen. Check out our cover levels below:

Accidental damage, theft and loss - up to £3000

Single article limit - up to £1000

Unauthorised calls - up to £1000

Policy details
Holiday Extras gadget cover
Cover for theft & loss?
Broken screen replacement
Liquid damage
Malicious damage
Fire damage
Unauthorised usage
Maximum cover length
Up to 45 days

Which cover level should I choose for my iPhone 7?

There are three levels of cover to choose from, so you can decide exactly how much gadget cover is necessary for your trip:

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Accidental/malicious damage, theft, loss
Unauthorised usage
Single item, pair and set cover

Unauthorised usage

If you're unfortunate enough to have your phone stolen, there's the added possibility that your phone may be used to rack up a huge overseas phone bill on your tariff. In some situations, your mobile phone provider may offer a means refund these unauthorised costs, however this is not always the case, and you may end up having to face the costs on your own. That's where having gadget cover is of real benefit.

With Holiday extras gadget cover, you are insured against any costs that might be incurred from unauthorised usage of your stolen device. This includes any minutes, texts or data that exceeds your tariff.

Be sure to have an itemised bill of all the unauthorised expenses to support your claim.

Accidental damage, theft and loss

Taking out gadget travel insurance for your iPhone 7 with Holiday Extras, you are not only insured against a cracked screen or a broken camera lens, but also against any accidental liquid or fire damage.

Looking to insure another device?

Find out more about how best to insure your devices.

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