Huawei P20 lite insurance

Insure your P20 Lite against accidental damage, loss and theft while on holiday with prices starting from just *

Though somewhat eclipsed by its flashier brothers, the P20 lite as Huawei's budget offering is a nippy little phone, with many cool features. If you decided to upgrade to the P20 lite this year, here's how you can insure your device for your next trip abroad.

Why Choose Holiday Extras gadget cover?

Taking out travel insurance including gadget cover with Holiday Extras will help to insure your Huawei P20 Lite against accidental damage, loss, theft, and unauthorised usage. Check out what our cover includes:

Accidental damage, theft and loss - up to £3000

Single article limit - up to £1000

Unauthorised calls - up to £1000

Policy details
Holiday Extras gadget cover
Cover for theft & loss?
Broken screen replacement
Liquid damage
Fire damage
Malicious damage
Unauthorised usage
Maximum cover length
Up to 45 days

Which level of cover should I choose for my Huawei P20 lite?

We have three levels of gadget cover to choose from, so you can decide for yourself exactly how much cover is needed for your gadgets and tech:

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Accidental/malicious damage, theft, loss
Unauthorised usage
Single item, pair and set cover

Accidental damage - whether it's a cracked screen or a drop in the toilet, we've got you covered for any accidental damage that might befall your phone.

Loss and theft -unfortunately, smartphones are prime targets for thieves and pickpockets because of their high resale value and how easy they are to snatch. What's more, it's all too easy to simply misplace your phone somewhere perhaps at a restaurant or between seats on a train. Fortunately, as long as you can provide proof of original purchase along with a police report, we can reimburse you for the loss of your phone, meaning your investment is protected.

Unauthorised usage - What many people fail to realise is that once a device is stolen, the financial damage doesn't always end with the loss of the phone. Very often, thieves will try to make use of your device plan and can rack up huge costs on your tariff. Thankfully, our gadget cover has you covered for this eventuality, meaning you won't be left alone to foot the bill.

Looking to insure another device?

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