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Your first family holiday can be overwhelming, but with these top tips, you can ensure that the trip flies past without any problems.

Top 10 tips for the perfect family holiday.

1. Plan ahead

Even though this may seem tedious, you should try to have a plan for each day of your holiday. This will help you to avoid making last-minute decisions or rushing to get things done in time, all of which can be harder when you have children.

2. Pack essentials

You never know what's going to happen, and preparing for the worst by taking travel essentials such as a first aid kit will allow you to sort any problems out quickly without too much of an impact on your stay.

3. Take out comprehensive travel insurance

It's a good idea to take out family travel insurance whenever you travel abroad to protect your family in the event of medical treatment or injury.

4. Invest in travel games

To stave off boredom on long flights, you should bring enough entertainment such as downloadable films and music, board and card games and books.

5. Choose your location wisely

You should choose locations that have child-friendly activities and have good safety records for families.

6. Limit your flight time

You don't want your children to be jetlagged on holiday and they may find flying scary, so you should try to limit the amount of time spent flying, preferably to 4 hours or below.

7. Avoid the peak times of the year

If you don't go on holiday in the busiest months of the year, resorts will be less crowded and it's likely it won't be as hot in these months, reducing the chance of your child getting sunburn or sunstroke.

8. Look for child-friendly resorts

These will often have child-friendly entertainment and play areas. This should you give you the peace of mind that your children are enjoying themselves and have plenty of things to do.

9. Check necessary vaccinations

These are important to maintain the health of your family and ensure that you don't fall ill on your trip.

10. Stick to routines

Sticking to routines will help all of you relax and enjoy your holiday more - changes of plan can make people feel more stressed when on holiday.

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