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Vaccinations are important when travelling abroad is advised for the prevention of disease and infections. However, when travelling abroad with family, there are a few extra points you should consider before travelling.

Do children need additional vaccinations when on holiday?

Children will need to be vaccinated against the same illnesses that you are before they travel. If your child is younger than 12-15 months when travelling and has not yet had the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine, they're able to be given this as early as 6 months old. They'll need this extra vaccination before travelling outside the UK as the probability of contracting this may be higher in some areas.

Do you need to be of a certain age before you can be vaccinated?

Children are normally vaccinated at around 12-15 months old. However, they can be vaccinated at any time past the age of 8 weeks. If you're travelling before they're a year old, you should check with your local GP.

What methods of vaccination are available for children?

Most vaccinations will be applied with a needle. However, children usually do have the option to have anaesthetic cream applied to the area before the injection. If your child needs more than one vaccination, then you can spread these shots over a number of appointments rather than overloading your child with too many shots at once.

Immunisation is important to protect your children from becoming ill when abroad. Having the relevant vaccinations is usually a simple process through which you can help them. There are a number of clever distraction techniques you can use to help your child relax and overcome the fear of the needle.

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