Tunisia is a stunning country that has borders along both the Mediterranean sea and the Sahara desert. You can go out into the desert and spot old Star Wars sets that rise out of the desert like a true relic, or you can go to the ancient city of Carthage and see both Roman and Islamic historical ruins. It's the perfect destination for the adventurous traveller, but no trip is complete without expanding your taste buds to Tunisian Cuisine.

Tunisia, for all its beauty, is still located in a relatively unstable area. Keep an eye on travel advisories, know the emergency contact numbers, have the right travel insurance for the area, and generally try to remain vigilant wherever you go.

What is the most popular food in Tunisia?

Tunisian meal sizes are generous, meaning you should always try to eat with a group. A dish of couscous, for example, is made for groups, not just one person. Generally speaking, Tunisian cuisine is a great fusion of French and African flavours, though it won't be hard to find dishes from all over in the capital.

Most meals you will try in Tunisia centre around one of three ingredients: Couscous, Lamb or Seafood with lots of olive oil and spices mixed in to add to the taste. This is a feature of Tunisian cuisine that separates it from other North African countries, whose dishes tend not to be as spicy. One of the most popular ingredients in Tunisian cooking is called harissa and it is a mix of spices normally combined as a paste.

Tunisia is also known for the wines they produce. With French influence and a history that dates back to Phoenician times, the wine in this region is an absolute must to try.

Must-try Tunisian dishes

Some must-try dishes in Tunisia are:

  • Couscous
  • Birk, the Tunisian samosa
  • Ojja, a spicy sausage breakfast
  • YoYos, Tunisian doughnuts
  • Salad Mechouia, a salad of tomatoes and peppers

Some drinks to try when you are visiting include:

  • Mint tea, served hot or cold with pine nuts on top
  • Muscat, a popular white wine

Tunisian travel guide

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