Though not for the faint of heart, Tunisia can be a great destination for those who love adventure and want to expand their horizons. Parts of the area – those bordering Libya, for example – are off-limits to tourists, but that doesn't mean you cannot enjoy a vacation here.

With the backdrop of the Mediterranean sea and the Sahara desert, and ancient cities like Carthage, you're spoilt for choice on what you can see and do.

Top 5 things to see and do in Tunisia

Tunisia is a beautiful country that has seen its fair share of wars and conquerors. Though this has left the country destabilised, they only recently enacted a democratic government in 2011, it does have many historical elements. These historical and geographical landscapes should be on the top of every traveller's to-do list:

See and Explore the Sahara Desert

An absolute must for everyone. Visit the massive sand dunes and feast your eyes on one of the world's greatest natural wonders.

Visit Carthage and its Ruins

Visit the Phoenician capital and explore its ruins with a day trip to Carthage. This once-great city is now an archaeological site that rivals anything you can find in Rome.

See the Abandoned Sets of Star Wars

There are many sets from the Star Wars franchise in Tunisia, from natural landscapes to completed sets alike.

See the Medina of Sousse

The historic quarter of Sousse, the Medina is a UNESCO world heritage site and is an absolute wonder to behold.

Enjoy a Day at the Beach

There are a few amazing beaches to enjoy in Tunisia. You can visit Hammamet, Djerba, or Sousse for a great day out.

As stated before, you do need to be careful when travelling to Tunisia. Stay on top of travel alerts, have comprehensive travel insurance in case something is cancelled or perhaps you need extra assistance, and generally remain vigilant. Do this, and you can enjoy Tunisia for all its splendour and glory.

Tunisia Travel Guide

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