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Tunisia is a beautiful country in the North of Africa. Its borders consist of the Mediterranean and the Sahara desert and have everything the adventurous traveller could want for their vacation. However, there are some things you need to be aware before you go. There is conflict in the area, and its not wise to travel to these militarised zones when you visit. So as long as you stay in designated tourist areas and have comprehensive travel insurance that will cover you for your stay, you should be able to enjoy all that Tunisia has to offer.

What are the hottest months in Tunisia?

Unlike some nations closer to the equator, Tunisia does experience some temperature fluctuations throughout the year. Its proximity to the Mediterranean means that it enjoys aspects of both the Mediterranean and African weather.

The hottest months in Tunisia are in the summer. July has an average temperature of approximately 30°C, though it can go up to 35°C. During this season you can expect up to 12 hours of sunlight every day, minimal rainfall, and moderate humidity.

These temperatures start to dip in October. In its coldest months, December and January, its average high is 10°C - 13°C.

When is the cheapest time to visit Tunisia?

The best time to visit Tunisia to get a good deal is also the best weather for those who enjoy more moderate, warm temperatures rather than high heat. September to November and April to June can be ideal temperature wise.

For flights, the cheapest months to visit tend to be between April to June, with return flights from £150 or less.

Accommodation is incredibly affordable year-round. The average hotel room will be £30 per night. However, nights at 5-star hotels range from £50 - £100 per night.

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