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Camping is a great way to experience nature, learn navigation and survival skills, and sleep under the stars. With all the different advice around, it can be difficult to understand what is important to bring when you go camping and what can be left at home.

10 of the most important things to bring when you're camping

1. Tent

You'll get nowhere when camping without a good tent. You should ensure the tent is of high quality, and that you have the correct equipment with it. This can include an extra tarp in case of damage, stakes and poles to hold it up and pin it to the ground, and ground cover.

2. Compass/Map

You should ensure that you bring the right navigational equipment for your travels and know how to use them. This will be essential if you have no phone signal or manage to wander off your planned route during the day.

3. Torch

There's no electricity in tents, so a torch or portable lamp is essential so that you'll be able to see after it gets dark, and if you need to leave your tent at night. This is especially important if you're travelling with children.

4. First Aid Kit

You should be prepared for any eventuality and a first aid kit will help you in the event of a minor injury. However, you should always take out suitable travel insurance when going camping, especially if you'll be travelling to an area you haven't been to before.

5. Sleeping Bag

This is your only option for a comfortable night's sleep and some warmth when the temperature drops. They're also highly compressible and light-weight, making them easy to travel with during the day.

6. Matches

From cooking to keeping warm, there are many reasons you may need a fire, so you should make sure that you pack enough matches or other fire-starting equipment.

7. Rain-wear

Rain-wear such as a waterproof coat is important to keep warm and dry when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

8. Sun Cream

Sun cream is vital if you are travelling in summer as camping, by its outdoor nature, leaves you vulnerable to the heat of the sun.

9. Repair Kits

Repair kits are important to bring in case your tent or its equipment is damaged and needs repairs to let you continue your trip.

10. Food

You should take enough extra food for the whole trip, including pre-packaged tins and dehydrated foods.

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