For those who like the idea of camping, but not so much the practicality, then glamping is a happy compromise. It's perfect for people who want to enjoy the fresh air of the countryside but be able to pop on a pair of heels or a nice shirt for the day, then glamping might just be your answer.

What does it mean to go glamping?

Glamping, in essence, is somewhere between a tent and hotel. It's often situated in huts as opposed to tents and at the very least a well-furnished large tent made from thicker tarpaulin. Glamping huts or tents often have solid furniture, a stove and much more comfortable conditions than a tent with a sleeping bag. Whether you upgrade your campsite or not, it's still worth getting camping holiday insurance to keep you covered while you're away.

Where can I go glamping in the UK?

As luck would have it, there are glamping sites all over the United Kingdom. Some of the most popular glamping sites include Cornwall, Dorset and Yorkshire, where you can find yourself the perfect little hut hidden in the Peak District or a Gypsy Caravan on the Isle of Rum.

Top tips when going glamping

While your residence might be nicer, it's worth bearing in mind that it won't be the same spec as a hotel. If you're going in the winter, then bringing plenty of jumpers and comfy clothes are still advised if you're planning in spending long periods of time in your glamping tent. It's also worth sticking to one-pot meals as although you might get cooking facilities, they probably won't be extensive. It's also great to go back to basics too – roasting marshmallows will never get old, however elegant your new campsite is.

Although glamping is far more luxurious than normal camping, you should still take extra precautions and pack for the weather.

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