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Running, exploring and making friends with other kids are all common when bringing the kids on holiday to a campsite. Keeping them entertained for a week in the great outdoors can seem tricky if your surroundings are relatively quiet. However, there are few tips and tricks to keep them entertained. You should take out camping holiday insurance before going on your family camping trip.

Camping activities for kids

Having camping activities for kids is all about making the most of where you're based. If you're next to the sea, then hiring surfboards or body boards (particularly if they're smaller) is perfect for enjoying the ocean whilst staying safe. If you're in a mountainous region, going for walks or finding an indoor climbing wall will get their imagination going, and maybe spark some curiosity for real rock climbing when they're older.

Camping games for kids

One of the best things about campsites is the sense of the community. If other kids are out playing football, then encourage your children to join in! Otherwise, bringing a football or a Frisbee is a great way of encouraging them to play outdoors. Playing flashlight tag or playing with water pistols in the warmer months will make your camping experience much more fun and enjoyable for the whole family.

How to get kids to sleep while camping

Having a few comforts from home is the first step to helping kids get to sleep while you're camping. Their favourite cuddly toy or a blanket from home gives them a sense of familiarity which should help put them at ease. Ensuring your day is action-filled and busy will also help to wear them out and ensure everyone has a peaceful night. A later bedtime might need to be used as a bargaining chip, it is a holiday after all!

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