If you've pitched the idea of camping to your children and the idea hasn't gone down quite as well as you'd planned, it might be time to tell them about the benefits of camping. There are many selling points when considering going camping, and convincing the family to go with you will be well worth it.

Educational benefits of camping

Showing children how to make the most out of very little teaches them valuable skills in later life. Explaining how you make a meal in one pot with just a few vegetables and canned goods is something they'll use when they eventually come to live by themselves. It's also a great opportunity to educate them about nature, such as what a bird's nest looks like, where owl boxes are situated and how to dress for hiking and rugged terrain. Ensuring all your equipment is insured with holiday camping insurance means your educational days out are stress-free.

Social benefits of camping

If you're worried that your children spend too much time indoors, then the social benefits of camping could be ultimately beneficial to them. The experience of playing Frisbee and football with other children on the campsite will not only give them experience playing with children they don't know, but they might also make some great holiday friends too. It also means that children are likely to spend plenty of time talking about it to their school friends.

Benefits of camping with family

Camping with the family is a great way to get everyone talking about something that isn't work or school. Showing the children how to cook or forage and learning a new team sport encourages family bonding. In limited environments such as a tent, there's no real room to sweat the small stuff, giving everyone a well-earned break.

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