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What exactly is "Bleisure" travel?

Have you ever walked into an office and all the employees look bored and demotivated? There are many reasons why employees might not look lively and psyched up at the workplace. It could be due to family issues, fatigue, monotony, and pressure from supervisors or even stress. Employers are looking for all ways possible to provide solutions to this problem. Introduction of Bleisure travel in the corporate schedule is one of the most effective solutions. Bleisure travel is where employees go for business trips and combine them with leisure time. The business trips are turned into vacations.

Bleisure has become a lifestyle for most employees for various reasons. First, these bleisure travelers are helping many employees to save their money. They are also able to turn the trip into an enjoyable stay. Through these travels, employees are given an opportunity to make memories together with the people they love.

Who are most likely to be "bleisure travelers"?

According to research, the largest percentage of the bleisure travelers used to be the employees between the ages of forty-five and fifty years old. However, these days things have changed. The largest group that has become bleisure travelers is the young employees of 25-35 years. These employees are assumed to be "digital" with a business-mixed-with-pleasure mind. Employers are offering them the chance to learn new things while they are still young.

Pros of bleisure travel

  • Bleisure travels encourage work-life balance. They allow the employees to spend more time with the rest of their families. Most bosses will let you bring your partner of your children with you to the trip.
  • Bleisure can be used to increase the networking opportunities and especially for the young employees who go for night-outs. The organization can, therefore, use this opportunity to expand its client scope.
  • Bleisure travels help employees work more efficiently because they can work as they relax
  • The employees can save the money they would have spent on vacations and holidays. If you take yourself for vacation, you will have to pay for an extra hotel stay, food, and travel expenses. In bleisure travel, the organization incurs all those costs.
  • The employees, especially the workaholics, are able to adjust to new sleep schedules. They are also able to explore new surroundings.
  • Through bleisure travels, employees are able to gain new cultural experiences in the cities they visit.
  • These trips also offer traveling agencies and hoteliers the opportunity to increase their revenues. The people who provide leisure accommodation benefit a lot from the employees who extend their stays. For more income, these service providers should provide extended stay offers.

Cons of bleisure travel

  • Those employees with no self-control are unable to schedule working hours and leisure time. If one is not careful, they can find themselves spending a whole weekend having fun and then fail to prepare the report they are supposed to present at a meeting on Monday morning. That quick shift from leisure to work can lead to stress. To avoid this, ensure that you have a good plan before you go for the trip.
  • Sometimes these bleisure travels make some employees lose track of the relationships that mean a lot to them and especially if they do not bring someone along.

How employers can take advantage of this rising trend

It is evident that bleisure travels have more advantages than disadvantages. They help employees to gain balance between work fulfillment and personal improvement at the same time. They no longer have to sacrifice their leisure to be successful in their work.

All employers should, therefore, take advantage of this trend. They need to collaborate with travel management companies and hotels. Most of the travel companies will offer discounts for the business travelers who are carrying their loved ones to the trip. Once you arrive at your destination, the travel companies will always give you brilliant ideas on how you can spend your free time after you are done with work.

Additionally, they can make table reservations for you and your employees at the best pubs and restaurants. It means that the employees and their bosses can have peace of mind in a new city knowing that everything has been taken care of. After all, proper planning ensures that everything falls into place. Ticket prices have reduced drastically over the past years. Employers cannot, therefore, claim that their organizations cannot afford to pay for bleisure travels for your employees.

It has been noticed that employees who are given a chance to balance their work life and personal life are more likely to do a better job than those who do not. Bleisure travels are one way of helping employees have fun as they complete the tasks they have been assigned. Bleisure travels are booming day after day, and they should be included in the annual schedule of every organization. Input is always equal to output. The more you invest in your employees, the more they will be productive.


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