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Business travel accommodation: Hotel's vs B&Bs

With the increasing prices of flights, companies are looking for other areas in which they can save on business travel expenses. One way is by opting for a bed and breakfast accommodation over hotel accommodation. B&B owners across the world are getting wise to this trend, offering some very attractive packages to the business traveller.

To help you decide which form of accommodation is best for your business travelling needs, we've outlined the pros and cons of both accommodation styles.

Pros of B&Bs

  • Breakfast is available -This is the best part of this kind of package. If you are traveling for a business meeting in another state or town, you will need to get to the office early to avoid being late. Sometimes this can cause you to miss breakfast if maybe you wake up a bit late or if you don't have time to go and have your food from another hotel. Staying in a hotel that offers breakfast is convenient for such a person since you will always have your breakfast served on time and according to your preference. So. you end up having the best meal of the day and right on time too.
  • Offers privacy - If you don't want to go out until the late hours, with bed and breakfast services you will be comfortable to wait. All you will need to do is a request for breakfast in bed and everything will be brought to your room as required.
  • Have an opportunity of meeting other people - Some motels serve their travellers in one area. It could be a buffet breakfast kind of service or it could be that they have put a place where they serve food. This gives you an opportunity of meeting other people you are staying with and you never know, you could meet some of the people you are attending your meetings with.
  • Best services - This is another area that makes the Bnb's services to be preferred over other forms of accommodations. The management has to make sure that all the travellers are well taken care of and they get the best prepared culinary. Therefore they focus on making sure that the foods are available on time and they are well prepared too. Also, you will always get your food on time regardless of the time that you have arranged with the management.

Cons of B&Bs

  • Some breakfast and bed facilities may charge you hefty for these services.
  • There are strict rules that may be imposed on the travellers regarding the meal times and the exit from the hotels.
  • You may also be required to pay an additional fee, if you request special food services.

Pros of Hotels

  • A wide variety of selection- A hotel offers you a wide variety of selections to make. If you want to stay in a penthouse, an apartment or a room, you can easily choose from the options provided.
  • No additional fee- Unlike in bed and breakfast where you may be required to pay a particular fee on top of the charges for the services provided, hotel accommodations service is different since the prices are usually fixed.
  • Guaranteed services - The hotel services are offered accordingly. The cleaning, the check-in time and also any other services that may be offered are usually provided on time.

Cons of Hotels

  • The price can be a bit high when it comes to booking a hotel room.
  • There are no extra services that can be offered when one is staying in hotel unlike with the bed and breakfast option.

So which is the best option to choose if you are going on a business trip?

You will need a place that you are comfortable and feel at home so you can be able to focus on your work and relax at the same time. These services are offered in a breakfast and bed services considering you will be provided with food and the places are usually equipped with excellent features and cool climates as well. Also, there are opportunities for meeting other people and enjoying their company. But one thing to note though is that the bed and breakfast services may come with extra charges if you request the need extra services.

Despite all the planning and advanced preparation you can make, unfortunately there is always the possibility that something can go wrong with your accommodation. For this reason, it's wise to have a proper business travel insurance policy to safeguard your peace of mind and ensure you can stay productive on your trip. Check out our business travel insurance page for more information.

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