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8 Tips to Waltzing Through Airport Security

Airport security. The bane of even the most seasoned business traveller. No one can deny how tiresome and time-consuming it can be to brave the endless queues avoid losing your things. Since this is an inevitable part of the process in order to get on the plane, here's how you can make the whole ordeal a little easier for yourself...

1. Pack light

Yes? I mean you are going to a business meeting or conference and not a vacation. Hence to save your time, consider packing the only things that you will need for your trip. The best option to help you pack less is the use of a carry-on bag. This is an easy to carry bag and it will take little time to have a carry-on bag checked at the checkpoint. Most carry on bags are equipped with different carrying pockets where some are designed for electronics such as the iPad and the laptops. This makes the checking to be quick and easy since all things are organised in a good order.

2. Carry liquids in a separate bag

If you will be carrying any liquid to your trip let's say medications, it is essential that you pack them in a separate clear bag for easy access. This is important since it helps you save time and prevent having your belongings removed to see what may be in the liquid bottle.

3. Observe the airport rules

This is mainly essential for those who are carrying liquids. There is a rule that states that a person has to carry one liquid in each quart bag and it should not exceed more than 3.4 ounces. Failure to follow this rule may trigger more checking in other areas of the security section. So, follow this rule and ensure that your liquids are packed as requested by the airline.

4. Check the line you are at

There is no point of you queuing for hours and yet you only have a backpack that needs to be checked. Thus, to avoid wasting too much time on the checkpoint lines, make sure to check the people in front of you. If possible avoid the lines with people who are travelling with kids as it may take more time to check them as compared to solo travellers.

5. Sign up with TSA pre-check

This is a great tip for those who are prone to travelling often for businesses trips and so on. By signing up with the Global TSA pre-check, you will be able to save a lot of time in queuing since you get to be cleared at the security located on the front end of your flight. In some cases, you also get an opportunity by passing the long custom check-in processes once you get to the airport.

6. Hire an airport shuttle for transportation.

If you want to save up time and get to the queuing line on time, then you might as well consider booking for an airport shuttle to drive you to the airport. You can also ask someone to drop you at the airport instead of driving yourself there. This is because it saves you the time that you could have spent in looking for a parking lot to for your car.

7. Wear comfortable shoes

Comfort is essential when travelling and wearing comfortable shoes at the airport helps your movements to be easy and comfortable as well. Comfortable shoes allow you to manoeuvre along the line with ease and it helps other passengers to move faster and quicker too. So, if you are a lady avoid wearing high heels when travelling and for men make sure to wear comfortable sneakers or canvas.

8. Travel off-peak

Most people don't like or rather don't have time to travel on the weekdays, and hence, this is the best time or you to travel if you don't want to be caught in those long queues. If your business meeting will be happening on a Monday, consider travelling on a Thursday or Friday.


We all don't want to be stuck on long queues at the security checkup point at the airport, and therefore, to reduce such time, consider employing the above tips.

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