Best adventure sports for all the family

If hotels and luxury spas aren't your family's scene, then chances are you're a big fan of an adventure holiday. Taking your kids out into the wilderness to challenge the elements is not only great fun for adults, but also lets children's imaginations run free while they're sailing down a zip line or kayaking across a river.

Best adventure sports for all the family

Zip-wiring is the first one that often comes to mind when thinking of adventure sports for the family. Adventure parks and woodland parks often have zip wires that kids not only love but will probably want to go on time and time again.

Canoeing and kayaking also get the kids out and exercising in a way that feels exciting and new – although while it provides a bit of a workout on the arms, it also allows your mind to relax. Abseiling and rock climbing are also a great way to encourage kids to think laterally and help each other out. Starting out on a climbing wall is always advised before you start attaching carabiner clips and ascending cliff-faces.

Its advised that before heading on an adventure holiday, you should take out adventure travel insurance so that you and your family are protected in the event of an accident. It can also cover any lost baggage and cancellation fees.

What is the most popular adventure sport for a family trip?

Although there isn't necessarily a top-rated adventure sport, the one that seems to get the most attention is white water rafting. It's recommended that Slovenia is the best place to take the family for this wild boat ride. However, you'll find many opportunities to do this in the United States, too. Wherever you decide to go on holiday, there will be an adventure for you and your family to participate in.

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