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Holiday Extras 2005.
Spend a moment flicking through the picture gallery from our team's year in 2005. Get an insight into what happens on the inside here at Holiday Extras

New Airparks Buses
Check out our picture gallery of the new buses we acquired in 2005 for our valued Airparks Customers. Discover ample luggage space and optimum comfort!

Holiday Extras - I'm a Celebrity
In 2005, Holiday Extras hosted an exciting challenge that put our staff up to the kind of tasks seen in I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! See how they did!

Summer Lurve
Holiday Extras 2005 the Summer of Lurve - On the 16th July 2005, Holiday Extras hosted it's most exciting event yet - it's very own music festival

2005 Themed Lunches
2005 Themed Lunches - Every year Holiday Extras staff battle to put on the best 'Themed Lunch.' 2005 was an exceptional year with some excellent, tasty, al fresco lunches on offer. Staff get together for a fun lunch, often in fancy dress!

Slide Show For Holiday Extras 2005
We make some great memories here at Holiday Extras. Flick through our 2005 Slideshow for all the favorite highlights from the Holiday Extras team in 2005!

Welcome to Holiday Extras
Meet the people who promise you more holiday

About you
At Holiday Extras it's not all about us. You make our business work and we are incredibly grateful to you for that. We'd like to know as much as we can about our customers to help us meet your expectations.

Holiday Extras® Awards Archive
Holiday Extras has won a number of awards for our services. Check out our award archive starting from 2002 to find out why we're a recognised holiday company.

Best Travel Trade Website 2007
Holiday Extras has recently won many awards including: Best travel Trade Website, Best Holiday Add-Ons, The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For and the Kent and Medway Megagroth Award

Holiday Extras - Company History
Holiday Extras History - How we came to provide Best Prices, Best Service and the Best Products and how we became one of the best 100 companies to work for.

Holiday Extras Company Information
If you want to see our registration information; our registered office address and phone number at Holiday Extras is published for your convenience.

Holiday Extras - Core Products
Holiday Extras have been providing top quality airport parking and airport hotels at the best prices for nearly 25 years. Our product range has grown to offer the best selection of airport hotels and airport parking in the UK.

Visitors' directions to Holiday Extras
Holiday Extras building is located at Newingreen near Hythe. Follow these direction to Holiday Extras by road or by rail.

The Holiday Extras Leadership Team | Meet our board of directors
The board of directors help to make things run smoothly here at Holiday Extras. Read a little about our team, their roles and work history with HX.

Adrian Kemsley
Adrian Kemsley - Creative Director, Holiday Extras

Andrew Bird
Find out more about the General Manager of Airparks, Andrew Bird. Andrew joined Airparks back in 2006 before rejoining at the General Manager in 2015. Andrew currently lives in Manchester with his family.

Andrew Parker
Andrew Parker joined Holiday Extras in 2016 as our Chief Data Officer, having previously worked at PwC, Badoo and V2 Music. It is Andrew's role to maintain Holiday Extras' efficient and profitable business model alongside great commercial relationships.

Anna Divers
Anna Divers - Associate Product Director, Holiday Extras

Ant Clarke Cowell
Ant Clarke Cowell - Associate Brand Director, Holiday Extras

Carol Pack
Carol Pack - non-executive director for Holiday Extras Ltd

Carolyne Creed
Carolyne Creed Associate Director People Holiday Extras.

Celine Binnewies
Celine Binnewies is the Head of People in our Munich office in Germany. Celine first started at Holiday Extras in 2007 and currently focuses on bringing the German business in line with the UK one.

Christoph Geyer
Christoph Geyer - Head of Marketing & Online Sales Germany

Daniela Hausch
Daniela Hausch is the Head of B2B Sales in Germany. Daniela joined Holiday Extras in the Munich office in 2009, and currently over sees the German B2B sales.

David Kelly
Learn a bit about David Kelly, one of our Non-Executive Directors here at Holiday Extras. He's a renowned business man and a marathon and triathlon runner!

David Lee
David Lee, Associate Director of Growth.

David Norris
David Norris is the Chief Operations Officer at Holiday Extras. David joined the business in 2016 and has over 25 years' experience in the travel industry. David oversees the planning, coordination and problem solving at Holiday Extras.

David Walter
David Walter - Non-Executive Director for Holiday Extras

Frank Ferraro
Frank Ferraro - Head of Product Management & Airparks Germany

Gerry Pack
Non-Executive Director and founder Gerry Pack, Holiday Extras.

Howard Dove
Howard Dove Managing Director Airparks and Insurance Holiday Extras Group

Ian Copley
Ian Copley- Operations Director, Holiday Extras Ltd. Ian joined Holiday Extras in November 2015

Jeremy Pack
Jeremy Pack - Non-executive Director, Holiday Extras Ltd.

Jerome Danglidis
Jerome Danglidis - CEO Continental Europe, Holiday Extras GmbH

Johannes Mehrer
Johannes Mehrer - Head of Business Development / Deputy CEO Germany

Kelly Wakeman
Kelly Wakeman - Group People Director, Holiday Extras

Leigh Wood
Leigh Wood is an Associate Director of Strategic Development & Research for New Products. Leigh started at Holiday Extras in 1989 and currently works with our online user experience, project delivery and analytics teams to deliver a fantastic service.

Mark Smith
Mark Smith is a Chairman at Holiday Extras. Mark is a chartered accountant with an array of executive, non-executive and chairman experience. Mark founded Chime Communications plc and is a non-executive director of Dods Group plc.

Matthew Paxton
Matthew Paxton is the Chief Commercial Officer at Holiday Extras. Matthew joined Holiday Extras in 2000, working his way up from Head of Commercial to Chief Commercial Officer in 2015.

Matthew Pack
Matthew Pack is the CEO of Holiday Extras. Passionate about delivering the less hassle, more holiday promise for our customers every single day.

Mel Davis
Mel Davis is the Delivery Director for Shortbreaks. Mel has great experience in the travel and tourism industry as well as finance.

Michelle Clarke Cowell
Michelle Clarke Cowell - Associate Director - Strategic Development & CSR

Nikolina Lange-Stalinski
Nikolina Lange-Stalinski - Head of European Partnerships Development Germany

Oliver Ashford
Oliver Ashford - Managing Director ParkIT

Ray Vaughan
Ray Vaughan is the Director of Chauntry, and joined Holiday Extras in 1992. The Chauntry Software has since evolved and is a key booking platform that continues to stand the test of time.

Roger Castells
Roger Castells - Associate Technology Director, Holiday Extras Ltd. In November 2011, Roger was recognised as one of five associate directors of the business to assist the executive directors.

Salome Legesse-Dunn
Salome Legesse-Dunn - Associate Director of Commercial Finance

Sean Hagger
Sean Hagger - Managing Director Short Breaks, Holiday Extras Ltd

Simon Hagger
Simon Hagger, Chief Business Development Officer (Deputy CEO)

Simon Wood
Simon Wood - Simon Wood- Architecture and Engineering Director

Steve Lawrence non-exec director of the Holiday Extras group
Steve Lawrence non-exec director of the Holiday Extras group

Theresa Hughes
Theresa Hughes - Director Chauntry

Expert advice for holiday travellers | Ask an expert about holiday insurance and travel money
Expert Holiday money advice - about foreign exchange, currency conversions and travel money- Richard Cohen can help make your holiday finances go further.

Top tips from our financial expert | Buying travel insurance
Richard Cohen, financial expert with the Holiday Extras Expert Panel, provides travellers with a number of essential tips for buying travel insurance.

Holiday relationship advice | Ask the expert panel counsellor about holiday relationships
Relationship advice from James Rye will ensure you can enjoy a memorable break with a partner, family or friends.

Winter sports advice | Ask Antonia Lee-Bapty about snowsport holidays
Skiing expert Antonia Lee-Bapty offers invaluable advice for anyone planning a winter sports holiday in the snow. Click through to see what she has to say!

Holiday Extras Gender Pay Report 2019
The gender pay gap is the difference between the average hourly earnings for men and women, and is a UK Government requirement; read our report here.

Holiday Extras Awards | Latest awards
Check out this page for an update on all the latest developments about Holiday Extras awards

Holiday Extras - Sponsorship | Sponsorships and charity donations
Holiday Extras is always looking at ways to give something back to the local community. Whether that is through sponsorship of events, funding or charitable donations, the company does all it can to aid those organisations in and around Kent.

Registered Trademarks | Trademarks owned by Holiday Extras
Click through to check out our complete list of trademarks owned by Holiday Extras Limited, including many respected names in the world of travel in the UK.

Useful Links
Click through for our page of useful links to help you plan your holiday and find all the holiday add-ons that will make your vacation more enjoyable!

Holiday Extras - New Products
In recent years Holiday Extras have extended their product range to offer you a selection of new products to make your travels easy going.

August Bank Holiday Exodus
Are you one of the two million Brits expected to flee the country this August Bank Holiday? Check out this post by Holiday Extras

Family things to do in London | The capital is brimming with seasonal events
As it gets chillier and the days get shorter, those of us with young families will want to plan some exciting escapes from the house.

Britain's best beaches
Enjoying some beautiful balmy summer weather at last, many Brits will be planning a trip to the beach. But before you get your flip flops on, it's worth doing a bit of research so that you choose the right seaside experience for you.

Top tips for travelling with children | by Maxine Clarke
Holiday Extras help to remove the stress of travelling with children - plan ahead and use our checklist

Clocks change Spring 2013
Remember that the clocks go forward in 2013 on Sunday 31 March.

Clock Change Autumn 2008 | Sunday October 26, 2008
What does the clocks going back mean to you? Shorter, darker days is just the beginning for most of us

Beating the credit crunch
save money and still enjoy a revitalising break, something which many of us consider to be an essential part of life.ing to pound the capital's streets in the 2008 Flora London Marathon.

Perfect winter sun | Dubai is one of those must-see places.
Dubai is one of those must-see places. A hub for international travel and a magnet for sun-seekers and the well-heeled.

Halloween chills and thrills | Events for All Hallow's Eve
Some people exist quite happily without ever acknowledging Halloween. However, most of us surround ourselves with spooks, ghouls, demons, magic and spells, wizards and witches and the living dead every year because of an ancient pagan festival

Holiday Extras Perfect Holiday Plan
As with most things in life, it's all in the planning. Holiday Extras has put together the perfect holiday plan to help you take off to a safe and stress-free start.

7 steps to keep your smile in place
Tiredness, delays, long queues, unexpected security restrictions, crowds, oise and travel anxiety could get your holiday off to a stressful start

Articles and interviews
View the latest articles and interviews from Holiday Extras.

An interview with... Justine Tatt | Part of the award-winning Contact Centre
As the recession continues to grip the nation and recruitment opportunities seem few and far between, the recent recruitment drive by Holiday Extras has gone some way to alleviating any uncertainties for a number of new recruits.

Life begins at 60
Forget knitting and false teeth, the new generation of grandparents are out and about and living it up.

London Top Ten for Kids
An article by Maxine Clarke - In our new lives the big smoke still comes up with the goods. London is fantastic for children and here are my top ten activities for passing time with little ones in tow.

A marathon achievement
At 9.00 am this Sunday morning around 35,000 pairs of trainers will be preparing to pound the capital's streets in the 2008 Flora London Marathon.

Heavenly half term?
An article by Maxine Clarke - After avoiding flights and lengthy stays for the past year and a half

Treats for Mummy
An article by Maxine Clarke - Mother's Day should be another little perk of parenthood, a special day when you get presents and kisses and cuddles

New York in Spring
You'll also want to get as much for your struggling pound as possible, so many of the activities we've selected are free or low-cost. Naturally you'll want to spend some cash though when strutting the New York streets that never sleep.

Airport lounges.
There are a number of benefits to booking into one of our relaxing airport lounges. Check out our Terms and Conditions here to see the transparent process.

Airport hotels with coach travel
We post all of our Terms and Conditions for booking our hotel and coach travel packages - so our procedures are transparent and you know exactly how they work.

Airport Hotels with Parking
Check out all of our Terms and Conditions before booking one of our convenient airport hotel and parking packages to save you time and money on your holiday!

Airport hotels with rail travel
Want to know exactly what is entailed when you book one of our hotels with rail travel deals? Then visit this page to see all of our Terms and Conditions.

Terms and conditions - theatre breaks | Booking terms
Check out all the Terms and Conditions for booking London theatre breaks with us - our procedures are transparent so you know what kind of service you're getting!

Theme park breaks
Find all of our booking conditions for signing up to one of our popular Theme Park Breaks. Take a look at this page for all the relevant Terms and Conditions.

Holiday Extras Market Leader
The UK's market leader in holiday extras - airport hotels, parking and much, much, more...Each year millions of travellers trust their arrangements to Holiday Extras the market leader

Holiday Extras - Security SSL
Your information is secure with Holiday Extras. A page protected by an SSL certificate or secure socket layers, encrypts all the information you enter before it is sent to us, whether this is your credit card info or your email address.