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North Macedonia Airport Transfers

Get your Balkan adventure started by pre-booking your North Macedonia Airport transfers, with free cancellation included.

Begin your journey through the captivating landscapes of North Macedonia with our comprehensive airport transfer service, designed to seamlessly connect you to this hidden Balkan gem. From the historical wonders of Skopje to the serene beauty of Ohrid, North Macedonia is a mosaic of cultural heritage and natural splendor. Our transfer options cater to every traveller's needs, whether you prefer the luxury of a private car, the budget-friendliness of a shared shuttle, or the exclusivity of a premium vehicle.

North Macedonia Transfer Prices

Pick up Journey time Price Per Person & Type
Skopje Airport (SKP) to Skopje Centre 20 minutes £4.20 (Minibus for 8)
Skopje Airport (SKP) to Skopje Centre 20 minutes £7.90 (Private car for 3)

Note: Prices are accurate at the time of writing but are subject to change according to supplier availability. Free cancellations available 24 hours before travel time.

North Macedonia Airport Transfers - Types & Vehicles

Discover the ideal start to your North Macedonian adventure with our detailed table, showcasing a variety of airport transfer options available in this culturally rich and scenic country. Whether you're landing in the bustling capital of Skopje or the tranquil lakeside of Ohrid, our guide provides a comprehensive look at each transfer type – from the luxury and privacy of a private car to the affordability of a shared shuttle, and even upscale premium vehicles.

Shared Bus Transfer

Shared Shuttle

Opt for a shared shuttle transfer from North Macedonia's main airports to your hotel for an economical yet comfortable travel solution. This option is perfect for those who are budget-conscious but still seek a reliable and convenient way to reach their destination. Shared shuttles operate with a schedule, efficiently transporting you and other travellers to major hotels and key locations throughout the cities.

Speedy Shared Transfers

Speedy Shuttle

Our speedy shuttle transfer service in North Macedonia is the perfect choice for travellers who prioritise both efficiency and value. This option offers a faster alternative to the standard shared shuttle, with fewer stops and a smaller number of passengers. Ideal for those who want to minimise transit time without the expense of a private transfer, the speedy shuttle gets you from the main airports to your hotel swiftly.

Speedy Shuttle

Private Transfer

Private Transfer

Perfect for individuals, couples, or families who prefer a more exclusive and relaxed travel experience, our private car transfers offer the convenience of a tailored journey, allowing you to start your exploration of North Macedonia's rich history and stunning landscapes in comfort and style.

Private Executive Transfers

Luxury Transfer

Ideal for those who desire a touch of opulence in their travels, be it for business or pleasure, our private executive transfers provide a seamless, indulgent start to your exploration of North Macedonia's captivating charm and beauty. Upon landing, you will be welcomed by a professional chauffeur and escorted to a luxurious vehicle, where sophistication and comfort await.

Luxury Transfer

Private Minibus Transfers

Private Minibus

Our private minibus transfer service is the ideal solution for groups travelling together from North Macedonia's main airports to your hotel. Whether you're a family, a group of friends, or colleagues on a business trip, this option ensures that your entire party can travel in comfort and style, without the hassle of coordinating multiple vehicles. The minibuses are spacious, offering ample room for passengers and luggage alike, and are equipped with modern amenities to make your journey as enjoyable as possible.

Wheelchair Adapted Transfer

Wheelchair Adapted Transfers

Opting for our wheelchair-adapted transfers means enjoying a hassle-free start to your exploration of North Macedonia's rich cultural heritage and scenic beauty, with the assurance of safety, comfort, and convenience. The interiors are thoughtfully arranged to secure wheelchairs safely, providing a comfortable journey to your hotel, and our trained drivers are committed to offering assistance and ensuring a seamless travel experience.

Wheelchair Adapted Transfers

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens once I've booked my North Macedonia airport transfers?

Kick back and relax- there's nothing for you to do now except wait for your confirmation email, and look forward to your trip.

What happens when I arrive in North Macedonia?

Remember that confirmation email we mentioned? Make sure you have this handy as it contains all the details about where to meet your driver when you land. They will either be waiting for you in the Arrivals Hall, or at a nearby designated desk.

What happens if my flight is delayed?

Don't worry, delays are just a part of international travel. If your plane gets held up en route, call the number on your confirmation email to get through to your provider. They will assist you from there.

What about when it's time to come home?

Leaving North Macedonia is just as easy as arriving. All the details about your pick up will be on the confirmation email you received when you booked. Be sure to be ready for your driver a little earlier than your actual pick up time to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

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Are your transfers suitable for babies and children?

While little ones are of course welcome on our transfers, keep in mind our suppliers do not provide any car seats, so if your child usually uses one it will need to bring one with you as they are currently not provided.

*All prices on page correct at time of writing and subject to change based on supplier availability. Free cancellations available up until 24 hours before travel time.