Short breaks cut costs and stress

Short breaks

A new survey carried out by Holiday Inn reveals that families across Britain are choosing to take a number of short breaks throughout the year in place of one long summer holiday.

According to the survey of 5,000 Brits, 52 per cent of families will not be going on a two week summer holiday this year citing cost as the main reason.

The average family now takes around four short breaks a year, each costing an average of £349.11. The cost of going away in the school holidays is a big problem for many, with 24 per cent of interviewees saying that they cannot afford to take their holidays at this time. Another 24 per cent cannot afford to go away for more than a few days whatever the time of year.

Short breaks provide many other benefits to family life, it seems. Having regular trips to look forward to is exciting for the children and also helps to reduce parental stress, the survey found. Busy working parents feel that spending quality time with their children also makes them feel better about working so much.

Chris Hale, spokesman for Holiday Inn said, “Over the past few years, we’ve seen a huge surge in the number of people booking into Holiday Inns for short breaks. Gone are the bad old days when people would save all year for their annual two week summer holiday at the busiest and most expensive period – we’re much too savvy nowadays".

Now everyone is grabbing a few days here and there to get out and about and discover this fabulous country of ours – without all the stress and cost of just one long holiday.”

Flying, long journeys, packing and unpacking and worrying about catching up on work were cited as other factors in the decision not to take a long holiday.

Devotees of the short break are not limited to the UK and Europe though. Dubai, San Francisco, Hong Kong, New York, Bangkok, Las Vegas, Toronto, Miami, Boston and Cape Town are all accessible for a three or four day stay.

Written by: Maxine Clarke


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