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Third runway worth £30 billion

July 14, 2009


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The British Chambers of Commerce claim a third runway at Heathrow would add £30 million to the UK economy

A third runway at Heathrow would add £30 billion to the UK economy, according to a report published by the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC).

The report, entitled Economic Impacts of Hub Airports, suggests that a third runway at the UK's largest airport would deliver between £8.6 billion and £12.8 billion in increased productivity, with an estimated £20 billion in wider economic benefits such as a employment.

By reducing delay and increasing the frequency of flights, a third runway would save time and increase productivity, with passengers also able to benefit from flights to new destinations.

David Frost, director general of the British Chambers of Commerce, said: "This comprehensive study clearly outlines the economic benefits of expanding Heathrow - an important part of the debate which too few people fully understand.

"Connectivity is vital to the UK economy as businesses seek to develop new global opportunities that will allow them to generate wealth and jobs. Without additional capacity at our major hub airport, we will continue to fall behind our continental competitors. The age old phrase 'time is money' is apt as we look for solutions going forward. We must invest now to safeguard our economic future or we risk wasting £30 billion fumbling around for an alternative."

A full copy for the report can be downloaded here.

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