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Survey reveals the perfect holiday

City breaks and activity holidays rival beach holidays
Beach in Antalya Turkey

The perfect holiday is made up of a mix of adventure, culture and sun according to new research.

The research for travel experiences company isango shows that while beach holidays are still popular with 66% of people, activity holidays, city breaks and road trips together find favour with 67%.

The ideal way to spend the perfect two week holiday is also analysed. According to the results these are the ingredients for the perfect break: eating and drinking 2.9 days, doing nothing/sleeping 2.2 days, visiting attractions 2.7 days, having sex 1.2 days, adventure/nature 0.7 days, shopping 2.3 days and soaking up culture 2 days.

“We use our holidays to unwind from the stresses and strains of life, so it’s crucial that we use the time we have to best effect,” comments travel expert Sarah Heaney. “Whether it’s planning and booking activities in advance, absorbing all the local culture has to offer from the food and drink to the nightlife or just catching a few rays every day, it can bring us one step closer to having a perfect holiday.”

The survey also shows that Brits prefer to holiday closer to home, with 41% saying the UK and Western Europe is their ideal holiday location and only 8% choosing Asia.

Avoiding stress is a key part of achieving the perfect holiday. Common complaints among those surveyed included long queues at the airport or on the road, going over budget, unreliable local touts, and not having enough to do.

“Our research shows that for many people, if you want the perfect holiday, it’s not enough to just flop on the beach. The things you see and do while you’re out there, as well as the people you meet along the way are what really make long-lasting memories,” says isango CEO, RanjanSingh.

The research also showed that this weekend is the most popular time to go away, finding favour with 40%.

Written by: Nick Purdom