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Holiday Reading

Looking for a good read on Holiday - Holiday Extras have compiled a list of selected best selling books and new editions that could be the good read that you are looking for this holiday - You can buy these titles through Amazon on line - follow the links....

The Night Watch by Sarah Waters
A love story set during the Second World War. The lives of four very different Londoners, among them a crime novelist and a lady ambulance driver, interlock in a tale told backwards so brilliantly that although we already know the "end", we keep breathlessly turning the pages.
Terrorist by John Updike
A young student at a run-down high school in Newark, New Jersey, is being groomed as a suicide bomber. Updike brilliantly portrays this lean, fastidious Muslim against a backdrop of American obesity and decadence.
Cell by Stephen King
Leave your phone at home! As billions of people chatter on their mobiles, a sinister force turns them all into brainless zombies, leaving just a few survivors. Nasty, fun, and a classic King that's perfect for the beach.

The Other Side of You
by Salley Vickers

A therapist gently teases out the trauma of a troubled female patient, and uncovers a doomed love affair set in Rome and influenced by the paintings of Caravaggio....

Wild Mary by Patrick Marnham
The novelist Mary Wesley began to publish in her seventies, drawing on material from her own life. Now we can read about the lovers, the tiffs, the trysts and the tragedies, most of which were transmuted into her novels.
A Perfect Life by Raffaella Barker
Angel has a perfect life in the countryside, with her handsome husband, Nick, a big house and her children. Barker tackles the unpleasant side of rural living in a novel that, is more bitter than sweet. A gripping family drama.

The Two Minute Rule

by Robert Crais
Set in Los Angeles - A prisoner is released from the jail just as his son is murdered in a drive-by shooting. He decides to help solve the murder much to the displeasure of the LAPD. Crais is the king of LA crime and long may he reign.

Daniel Isn't Talking
by Marti Leimbach

This is an emotional account of a family struggling to cope with an autistic child, based partly on the author's own experiences. Although it is sad at times, Leimbach's upbeat attitude shines through. This book will leave you with a feeling that, keep positive and anything can be achieved.
Darker Than the Deepest Sea: the search for Nick Drake by Trevor Dann
Gentle debunking of some of the myths that cling to the tragic young singer-songwriter who died by his own hand in 1974. The result is a more realistic figure than the wounded, doomed bard of legend - which makes the story an even more tragic one.
The Libertines: Bound Together by Anthony Thornton & Roger Sargent
A good, respectful account of the artistic project of Messrs Barât and Doherty, and an insight into the wider movement of disaffected youth of which they were a part.
The Lost Luggage Porter
by Andrew Martin

JRipping Victorian railway mystery about t a detective in the railway police. There is something amiss at York station, as a wages snatch in an engine leads to murder and a breathtaking chase down the country's main lines and across the Channel to Paris. You can almost smell the sulphur, the steam oil and the grease.
Midnight Mover by Bobby Womack
Tell all memoir by the legendary soul singer and guitarist who worked with The Stones, Janis Joplin, Sly Stone and John Lennon. At his creative peak in the 1970s, he was one of the greatest tunesmiths and session players in the world. Essential reading for music lovers.
The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter
Hugely influential feminist retellings of classic fairy tales like Bluebeard and Mr Fox, reissued along with other key Carter works. Sharp, brilliant and thought-provoking stories from the much-missed doyenne of British magical realism.