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13 flights leaving on 19/04/21
Flight Departure Terminal
WY5517 19/04/21 05:55
BA8732 19/04/21 07:10
LH901 19/04/21 09:30 2
NH6232 19/04/21 09:30 2
UA8810 19/04/21 09:30 2
CZ465 19/04/21 10:30
AI8547 19/04/21 11:10
LH943 19/04/21 11:10 1
LH979 19/04/21 12:10 1
LH909 19/04/21 15:30 2
OU5485 19/04/21 15:30 2
LH915 19/04/21 17:30 2
NH6138 19/04/21 17:30 2

Never mind its stock exchange – Frankfurt has a rich collection of museums, lots of parks and greenery, a lively student scene and fine dining. There’s a varied nightlife too – everything from apple-wine taverns to some of Europe’s most banging techno-discos. What more could you want from a cosmopolitan city on the continent?

This melting pot of cultures will make you feel right at home

Almost a third of the people living in Frankfurt don’t hold a German passport, and this cosmopolitan makeup has made the city an open and hospitable place. People from all different cultures have lived here together for centuries.

Top 5 Frankfurt museums

  1. The Städel - Home to one of Germany’s most important and oldest art collections. There are more than 2,700 paintings, including works by Holbein, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Monet and Picasso, 600 sculptures and 100,000 drawings and graphic designs
  2. Natural History Museum - Fascinating exhibitions on the history of the Earth and evolution – there’s information on everything from the Big Bang to the dinosaurs
  3. German Film Museum - Soar over Frankfurt on a flying carpet in this interesting museum on the development of films and how film tricks work
  4. Goethe House and Goethe Museum -The writer’s birthplace has been restored after being destroyed in the Second World War, and is furnished as it would have been when he was alive
  5. Museum of Modern Art - A collection of pop art, objects and room installations from the 1960s onwards, including works by Andy Warhol

Top 5 Frankfurt activities

  1. Romerberg - This square, home to the stunning Romer town hall, has been the site of markets, fairs, tournaments, festivals, executions and coronations over the years. In the middle is the 16th-century Fountain of Justice, and along the sides are frame houses, the Old Nikolai Church and the Historical Museum
  2. Palm Garden - This botanical garden is home to plants from around the world. Highlights include the sub-tropical landscape in the Palm House, the underwater plants in the aquaria and the flower house
  3. Imperial Cathedral - From April to October you can climb the tower of this Gothic cathedral for a magnificent panoramic view of the city
  4. Saal Lane - Admire the colourful, narrow postmodern townhouses - no two are alike, as they have been designed by different architects
  5. Boat tours - You can take a trip along either the Main or the Rhine to see the sights of the city