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Alicante Departures

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45 flights leaving on 08/08/20
Flight Departure Terminal
U28659 07/08/20 05:50 North
FR9085 07/08/20 06:05
U22223 07/08/20 06:05
U26701 07/08/20 06:10
FR4007 07/08/20 06:30 3
LS583 07/08/20 06:30
FR8382 07/08/20 06:35
LS641 07/08/20 06:40
U26071 07/08/20 06:50
LS879 07/08/20 07:00 1
LS177 07/08/20 07:15 M
BA2548 07/08/20 07:30 5
FR2292 07/08/20 07:30
LS1411 07/08/20 08:35
FR2151 07/08/20 08:50
FR8976 07/08/20 08:50
FR4080 07/08/20 09:15
U26877 07/08/20 09:25 M
FR7062 07/08/20 10:10 1
LS1215 07/08/20 10:40
BA2630 07/08/20 11:30 5
IB7634 07/08/20 11:30 5
LS271 07/08/20 11:30
U28663 07/08/20 12:20 North
FR2152 07/08/20 14:05
FR9285 07/08/20 14:20
FR691 07/08/20 15:25
EI574 07/08/20 15:45 2
EY5182 07/08/20 15:45 2
BA2632 07/08/20 16:10 5
IB7636 07/08/20 16:10 5
FR9886 07/08/20 16:35
FR5579 07/08/20 16:55
FR8425 07/08/20 17:05
U21921 07/08/20 17:20 1
FR2715 07/08/20 17:35 South
U28667 07/08/20 17:55 North
FR8296 07/08/20 18:10
FR9073 07/08/20 18:25 3
U26419 07/08/20 18:55
U27121 07/08/20 19:20
FR9079 07/08/20 19:25
U28671 07/08/20 19:40 North
FR9898 07/08/20 19:45
U22229 07/08/20 20:30

Alicante is a lively and welcoming city, offering much more than just glorious weather and sparkling waters. With an airport nearby and easy access to Benidorm, you’ll never be short on things to do.

Enjoy tapas on the beach as the sun goes down

Alicante has been immortalised by the words of many great writers, and not without reason. It’s a stunning city on the long stretch of Mediterranean coast known as the Costa Blanca, with an enviable combination of historical landmarks and rich natural beauty. Take a stroll down palm tree-lined beaches or visit the Island of Tabarca – it’s not a bad choice to have.

If you’ve had enough of the beach sports and tranquil waters, take the plunge into the city centre. You can go shopping with the kids or relax in an open-air café, or try something more alternative – like a visit to the chocolate museum. The Costa Blanca is a vibrant area, with plenty of opportunities for holidaymakers to travel further afield and experience even more of Spain.

Top 5 activities in Alicante

Embrace the easy-going Alicante lifestyle by taking part in as many of the activities as possible. Here’s some of our top choices:

  1. Bullfighting is an art form in Spain, so visit an event or the Bullfighting Museum
  2. Try something different like kite sand boarding
  3. The Aqualandia water park is one of Europe’s most thrilling
  4. Go horse riding on the sandy beaches or the inspiring mountains
  5. See what’s beneath the surface by scuba diving in the Mediterranean Sea

Top 5 things to see in Alicante

Alicante’s past is as colourful as its present, and there are plenty of iconic landmarks to see, as well as lesser known gems to discover. Be sure to visit these attractions:

  1. The Castle of Santa Barbara is a huge fortress. Located on Mount Benecantil, you’ll have fantastic views of the city and surrounding area
  2. Explore the Old Town, where the Gravina Palace exhibits a rich selection of Spanish artworks
  3. Visit San Juan Beach – you don’t have to do anything, just watch the world go by on one of Europe’s best-loved beaches
  4. The Tabarca Island is filled with exotic wildlife. The surrounding waters have been declared a Mediterranean marine nature reserve
  5. Slip into St Mary’s Church, a cathedral showing Gothic architecture at its finest