Celebrate our 36th anniversary by finding 36 travel companies

Holiday Extras has been helping our customers enjoy hassle-free travel since 1983, and to celebrate our 36th anniversary we've created this visual puzzle. 36 travel companies are hidden somewhere on the beach below, with prizes available for travellers who find them all.

The search is on, good luck!
Your browser does not support the HTML5 canvas tag, sorry!

Click any of the images in the picture and you’ll see a pop-up asking you which travel company it represents.

You can click away or leave this page and come back later without losing your progress - we’ll remember your answers so long as you use the same device and haven’t deleted your cookies.

Once you’ve found all 36 we’ll ask you for your email address. You’ll be entered into a prize draw to win one of our Better Start holiday packages (details below).

On smaller screens you may need to scroll to the right or left to see the whole picture.

Click here for our competition terms and conditions.

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