Safety tips when travelling to Benidorm

Make sure you have a great trip to Benidorm by staying safe!

Benidorm Safety

One of the best things about exploring a new city is losing yourself in your surroundings and truly experiencing the local culture. But staying safe is the most important thing. We've put together some safety tips when travelling to Benidorm that you can keep in mind. Our airport transfers are also a reliable option that will get you to your accommodation safely and securely. You won't have to worry about long queues or paying for a taxi in a foreign currency.

Be aware

It goes without saying, but it's always a good idea to keep your wits about you when on holiday. Benidorm can get very crowded on the streets and beach, particularly during the summer months. As with any busy destination, keep an eye out for pick pockets, don't carry any valuables you don't need and be discreet with money. Be very wary of street performers, particularly 'potato men' who perform magic tricks with hollowed out potatoes and a ball. Sometimes this is a scam by groups who prey on the fact that the audience is distracted.

Think money

It's a good idea to exchange the money you think you'll need – and perhaps a little more – while still at home. There are a lot of currency exchange operations in the resort which are sometimes bait-and-switch scams. It seems like a good deal until you actually do the exchange, and then you'll be too far in to get your money back. If in doubt, don't approach any of them and go to a bank instead.

Useful information


  • Hospital Comarcal de la Marina Baixa Av. Alcalde en Jaume Botella Mayor, 7 La Vila Joiosa
  • Hospital Clínica Benidorm Av. Alfonso Puchades, 8
  • Hospital de Levante C/ Doctor Ramón y Cajal, 7

Tourist information

  • Tourist Info Benidorm Centro Av. Martínez Alejos, 16
  • Tourist Info Benidorm Europa Av. Europa

British Consulate

Plaza de Calvo Sotelo, 1, 2, 03001 Alicante


Useful telephone numbers

Emergencies (police, ambulance, fire): 112/085 24-hour medical care: 900 161 161 Local police: 092 Fire fighters: 080 British Consul: 965 216 022

Remember that our Benidorm airport transfers are a safe way to get to your accommodation. We offer private cars for added security and you will be picked up by a driver at the airport and taken directly to your resort or hotel.

All information correct at time of writing.