• Yes to all

    Mrs Carmedy 28 Nov, 2021

  • On leaving the airport car park the barrier did not recognise my car so I had to call a number to speak to someone who then when confirmed the barrier was opened for me.Not great when you have paid for a service and have to confirm your details again.

    Mr Siddle 21 Nov, 2021

  • No it didn't go smoothly. I've used your service 3 times and not once have I been able to leave the car park without ringing for assistance and having my booking checked.

    Miss Rushworth 14 Nov, 2021

  • Parking at Teesside airport was excellent. The only issue was, using their parking for the first time, it wasn't clear there was only one car park. When you reach the barrier you don't know whether the reg number will be recognised. However It was recognised in and out with no issues at all - excellent overall

    Mr Forsyth 10 Nov, 2021

  • Things were spot on

    Mr Lister 28 Oct, 2021

  • No buses to transfer from car park to airport we were travelling with young child who is too young to pull own luggage! We barely managed with two trolleys for the luggage and carrying our child. Finally, despite having a confirmation of recipt, a booking reference, and pre paying. You said to charge us again for £122?! Disgusting service, start to finish. Id appreciate a full refund, I'll not use this service again.

    Miss Brown 29 Oct, 2021

  • Parking at Teesside - superb, straight into car park opposite terminal and straight out on return. Brilliant !

    Mrs Allen 23 Oct, 2021

  • The parking was great, but the twice l have flown from Teeside airport the exit barrier would not let me out as the camera did not recognise my registration.the first time I had to pay again and get a refund and the second time I managed to speak to someone who opened the barrier for me .

    Mrs Dakers 22 Oct, 2021

  • Everything went to plan. Will definitely use again

    Mr Stewart 17 Oct, 2021

  • All was well. No problems.

    Mrs Mcquade 17 Oct, 2021

  • When I got to the gate to leave I had to pay…….the holiday extra booking wasn’t live with the airport

    Mr Revely 13 Oct, 2021

  • Flew with Logan Air from Teesside Airport

    Mrs Mcconnell 01 Oct, 2021

  • I paid and paid insurance
    Was back in time but unable to get out of the barrier - it said it wanted another £56

    Mrs Caine 30 Sep, 2021

  • Parking worked fine

    Mr Brownson 26 Sep, 2021

  • Everything was spot on

    Mr Smith 24 Sep, 2021

  • We had problems departing the airport as the buzzer wasn't answered and we had to request help to get out of the airport by telephoning the duty manager

    Mr Wesnedge 22 Sep, 2021

  • Had to pay on exit using card

    Mrs Stables 05 Sep, 2021

  • Excellent service. You can just drive in and out of the car park in the knowledge Holiday Extras have you all covered.

    Mr Gee 02 Sep, 2021

  • Straight forward parking

    Mr Wilson 30 Aug, 2021

  • Parking at Teesside Airport so convenient.

    Mr Thomason 25 Aug, 2021

  • Everything was fantastic. What a pleasure

    Mr Nugent 11 Aug, 2021

  • Excellent airport parking with good use of ANPR to read the number plate so you can just drive in and out easily.

    Mr Gee 09 Aug, 2021

  • Everything went smoothly but we could exit barrier when we left the car park and had to ring to get out

    Mrs Temple 04 Aug, 2021

  • Airport parking was incredibly simple. No need to do a thing other than drive in and then several days later, drive out.

    Ms Ferguson 02 Aug, 2021

  • Only one issue, one exit gate was closed and this caused a queue which added to the exit time.

    Mr Gilliland 29 Jul, 2021

  • Easy booking, plenty of parking spaces, short walk to the terminal. The only criticism would be that there were no luggage trolleys anywhere in the car park.

    Mrs Harris 29 Jul, 2021

  • Very well organised and easy to both book and use, would book again.

    Mr Wine 24 Jun, 2021

  • The parking was handy for the terminal building with level surfaces throughout for easy bag dragging. The barrier was up when we exited so I did have to use my booking code so cannot comment on that aspect. We saw no staff but the lady who rang to confirm our booking was friendly and helpful.

    Mr Carter 29 May, 2021

  • Simple booking system Very easy and straightforward instructions

    Mrs Armstrong 22 Sep, 2020

  • Easily arranged and no issues at all.

    Mrs Broomhead 04 Mar, 2020

  • Great service at Teesside airport, easy to use web page, great communication on app

    Mr Newbrook 08 Jan, 2020

  • Get the parking prices down at Teesside Airport

    Mr Gleeson 22 Nov, 2019

  • Great trip experience

    Miss Finley 18 Nov, 2019

  • Problem getting out of airport as flight cancelled and diverted to leeds

    Mrs Wray 20 Sep, 2019

  • The parking was great really close to the terminal no hassle on arrival or departure

    Mr Davis 02 Sep, 2019

  • Got stuck on exit again even though it was pre-paid but overall ok

    Mr Matthews 28 Aug, 2019

  • Good & smooth, no problem.

    Mr Mallett 06 Aug, 2019

  • Car park at Durham Tees Valley airport
    On returning from hol the agent could not find either my name or my booking ref. Leading to some delay getting out of the car park.

    Mr Roff 03 Jul, 2019

  • Convenient car parking facilities at a reasonable rate.

    Mrs Broomhead 15 May, 2019

  • Parking at Teesside airport was smooth and seem less with no hassle what do ever.
    A good service provided overall

    Mr Hill 03 May, 2019

  • Everything worked well

    Mr Lovegrove 02 Dec, 2018

  • Able to park right in front of airport buildings.

    Mr Walker 08 Nov, 2018

  • Happy with service although rates have gone up a lot in last 12 months for Durham Tees Valley

    Miss Dodson 08 Nov, 2018

  • Still a bit antiquated but worked fine

    Ms Betts 05 Nov, 2018

  • Airport car parking was simple and straightforward.

    Mr Oliver 12 Jun, 2018

  • All very helpful

    Mr Chaytor 10 Jun, 2018

  • Nothing all good

    Mr Turner 26 May, 2018

  • Normally I use Newcastle to fly from and never had a problem
    At Durham Tees Valley I parked as I normally do and got prebooked ticket however when I exited after my holiday it said I had to pay 76 GBP and go back to airport which I did, then back to barrier where I gave my name over intercom and raised barrier and exited...NEVER HAVE PROBLEM AT NEWCASTLE SO WHY CANT THEIR EQUIPMENT RECOGNISE MY CAR REGISTRATION NO!!
    Very poor service by DTV

    Mr Spensley 21 May, 2018

  • All went smoothly thank you.

    Mr Robinson 08 Feb, 2018

  • My plane was diverted so I arrived back 5 hours after the time I stated but no problems exiting the airport, thank Durham Tees Valley.

    Ms Hernandez 22 Jan, 2018

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