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Travel insurance is an essential requirement for holidays at home and abroad, but what should the discerning traveller look for when purchasing their cover? Richard Cohen, financial expert with the Holiday Extras Expert Panel, provides travellers with a number of essential tips for buying travel insurance.

• If you're going away more than once in a year, an annual policy can work out cheaper than several single trip policies.

• If you're booking single trip cover, make sure it is in force from the day you book your holiday, otherwise many insurers will not cover you for cancellations.

• If you're arranging an annual policy, be sure not to pay for cover you are not going to use, such as winter sports or worldwide cover. It is often easy to expand cover during the year, but not reduce it.

• Check excesses to ensure they are not so high you will not be able to claim, and cover limits to ensure they are not so low a claim is pointless.

• Many home insurance policies enable you to add travel insurance as an option and may prove cheaper than a separate policy.

• Be sure to check exclusions. Some policies may exclude claims due to terrorism or a pandemic and certain activities (for example, jet-skiing) may not be covered on some policies.

• You may need to inform your insurer of pre-existing medical conditions, not just for you but for other people whose illness or death could lead to a cancellation claim.

• Shop around for cover or use an insurance broker to secure the most suitable cover at the best price.

• For older travellers, there are specialist insurers who are likely to offer the best rates.

Holiday Extras offers a wide range of insurance policies to meet all requirements and budgets. Visit our travel insurance page and book your cover today.