Roger Castells
Associate Technology Director

Roger Castells

Holiday Extras history

I arrived at in November 2010 as technology lead, responsible for all IT-related functions from development to infrastructure and helpdesk. During my first year we had ambitious plans to shut down the comms room by moving the booking system and data warehouse to a data centre and migrate our websites to Amazon Web Services (AWS). We achieved it thanks to a great team. In November 2011, I took the Associate Technology Director role in line with standard roles based on the job functions I am performing.

Life before Holiday Extras

Before my time at Holiday Extras., I was involved in CRM and eCommerce businesses in London where I managed the product, development and infrastructure departments in 24x7 environments. In all my previous roles there were different challenges to overcome, which made them interesting and a learning experience.

Real life

My interests are planes, flying, technology and business. When I am not working I like to relax with my wife.

What's your perfect hassle-free holiday?

The perfect hassle-free holiday is the one where all is taken care of, from transport to accommodation and food. And on return there is nothing to do other than unpack.